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Looking for an SEO Company with a Proven Track Record, Globally?


Search Engine Optimisation (commonly spelled Search Engine Optimization, or just SEO) is a method of constructing or revising a website so that when found within search engine results, it will appear as one of the top ranked websites. SEO is also a way of building each page so that the material on the website will be correlated according to the keywords that prospective consumers use when they are in search of the products or services you offer.


SEO ventures with National Positions South Africa are centered on main points that use every suitable method available to professional search engine marketers (SEM’s). The Organic SEO practices that our SEO company utilises are intended to recognise the actions required to rapidly move from the developmental stages to application to attain noticeable benefits in as little time as possible.


At National Positions South Africa, our SEO company's methods and endeavours have been conceived throughout the past 9 years. Over 2,000 global clients have profited from the approach that our SEO company uses. National Positions has progressed as search engines have adapted their indexing and results system.




Search Engine Optimization Drives Traffic & Sales

Optimising your website for vital keywords necessary for your business means:

1. Increasing your website traffic and boosting your sales

2. Increasing your website's traffic quality to generate a higher sales conversion rate

3. Unlike with paid internet advertising, you are investing for the long-term in your website

4. You may decrease, redirect, or drop your additional internet advertising expenses

5. Your website/brand will be positioned at the top of your industry within search engine results


Your website may also possess hidden ranking value through videos or 'locked' content in PDF files. At National Positions Johannesburg, we have an array of solutions to assist you in maximizing your visibility to search engines.


Our SEO company will administer your entire project including keyword selection, onsite changes, content generation, backlink consulting and reporting so you or your development team won't take on an added workload. We manage a committed technical team that have worked with thousands of global clients and have thorough understanding in website Search Engine Optimisation.


For a comprehensive project overview and to how learn our SEO company attains top Search Engine Rankings click here.

The World's Leading SEO Company

National Positions Johannesburg is the primary Search Engine Optimisation company in Africa. A part of National Positions USA, we employ over 400 employees around the world who focus on Search Engine Optimisation and recent or evolving types of SEO such as Video Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) and Social Media. National Positions provides unrivaled results to its customers through specialist knowledge, keen software and a current strategy acquired over the past seven years.


In South Africa, Africa and the UK, we have formed a notable list of clients varying from listed blue chip corporates, eCommerce sites and internet start-ups to smaller scale websites focused on complex niche verticals. Each has prospered with their National Positions projects.

SEO Company Services

  • Pay Per Click Advertising-Certified Google AdWords Professionals are present to help with your PPC campaigns; PPC is a significant aspect in most Search Engine Marketing programs.
  • Social Media Marketing-When it comes to Internet marketing campaigns, social media is quickly gaining steam. Our SEO company has several social media programs so that clients can maximize their website’s exposure through various social media sites.
  • Video Search Optimisation-Another fundamental component for websites is video. Our SEO company able to assist with the creation and optimisation of video material for both onsite and offsite within the immense number of global video websites. Video a great tool available allowing you to engage with your website's users.
  • Live Chat Sales Assistant-To drastically boost sales, service levels and brand experience, National Positions offers a resourceful onsite live chat tool. This helpful website sales conversion tool is a valuable way to utilise your sales team.
  • Mobile Search Engine Optimisation-Mobile SEO is valuable worldwide. It is especially important in South Africa due to the rapid expansion of mobile browsing. National Positions can efficiently list and rank your mobile website within the South African mobile search engine realm as well as the rest of the continent.
  • Daily Blog Service and Reputation Management
  • Article Generation and Original Content
  • Universal Search Optimisation and Local Business/Google Places Optimisation

More Than SEO Consultants - National Positions is Your Partner

Due to our success in South Africa as well as globally, we have a comprehensive network ready to be utilised. Our SEO company, our clients and other websites are all able to link to you. National Positions South Africa will work with you to decide which websites are contextually best for you, and we will contact these firms through phone or via email.


Getting the Most from Your SEO Company

SEO Rankings

Once the changes have been applied to your website, National Positions will start the reporting process. When ranking reports commence, they will run on a monthly basis from the day the process started with our SEO company.

SEO Traffic

National Positions South Africa will observe monthly traffic trends on the same day that you begin using our services. As your SEO company, we will check total search engine traffic and individual search engine keywords which we will report to you on a steady basis.

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SEO Blog and News



I can definitely say that campaigning with National Positions has been the best business decision I have made for my company. I strongly recommend National Positions to any ecommerce owners, start-ups and heavyweights alike.


- Danny Dangor



National Positions delivered great results for us right away! We got an immediate boost in sales! We couldn’t be happier. They are a vital part of our team!


- Viktoria Kanevsky


Why So Many
Choose Us

  • We deliver Top Rankings and we can prove it
  • Our customer retention rate is close to 100%
  • We always return e-mails and calls within 1 hour during business hours
  • We offer a full range of Internet marketing services
  • We truly care about your success, because we understand that your success is our success

Tips to Get You Top Rankings

  • Make your site focused and relevant
  • Write lots of search engine friendly content
  • Acquire relevant inbound links
  • Ensure that inbound anchor text is relevant
  • Utilize deep linking
  • Use alt tags
  • Create a sitemap
  • Optimize your title tags
  • Write and submit articles and press releases
  • Submit an XML sitemap of your website to the search engines
  • Make all changes look natural



Don't Get Banned!


Watch Out For SEO Companies Who Offer:

  • Regular website submissions to hundreds of search engines
  • Meta tag Optimisation
  • Reciprocal linking
  • Cloaking
  • Utilization of link farms
  • Duplicate web pages
  • Doorway pages
  • Keyword stuffing


Latest News

National Positions 50th Fasted Growing Company in LA

For the 3rd year in a row National Positions has been named the 50th fastest growing company in LA by the Los Angeles Business Journal



National Positions 4th year on fastest growing private companies list

National Positions named by Inc. Magazine one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA.



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