Your Content Marketing Strategy: Why Social Media is Key

Social media marketing and content marketing are no longer two separate entities. Instead, they have come together in order to create an even more powerful and far-reaching platform for businesses all over the globe, providing them with an opportunity to completely transform the way in which they communicate with clients.

Content marketing has seen incredible growth over the last few years and, nowadays, it is impossible for business owners to turn a blind eye when it comes to admitting its worth. ‘Old school’ advertising practices, as well as traditional product/service promotion, are no match for the power of content marketing and actually taking the time to connect with your audience, to provide them with something of value - a real reason to do business with your brand. And, while content marketing in its purest form allows you to communicate a message to your audience, it is often social media that allows for feedback. It is this feedback that makes content marketing superior to all other forms of marketing, providing you with a direct line of communication to the people who you care about the most – your already-existing clients, as well as your potential clients.

Below are just a few reasons why social media should always play a key role in your content marketing strategy.

Valuable Feedback

As already mentioned, feedback – both the good and the bad – is what will help you to mould your brand and product offering into something that few other businesses will be able to compete with. It will also help you to tailor your content according to what seems to please your audience the most, and to steer clear of the topics that didn’t have as much of an impact.  

Increased Reach

So, you have written an incredible piece of content – congratulations! But what good is it if nobody ever gets to read it? By promoting your best pieces on your social media platforms, you are guaranteed to increase reach, pique interest and make the most of your content marketing efforts.

Increased Visibility

While social media is free, businesses can take advantage of the option to promote their social pages for a reasonable fee. This leads to more people being exposed to your brand and, if they like what they see, to your content, too.   

Keeping Up with Your Competition

The main reason why you need to be using social media to your advantage? Your competition already is! The online world is becoming more and more competitive by the day, and unless you make the effort to keep up and utilise all of the amazing tools at your disposal, your content marketing efforts will never reach their true potential. So, take note of how your competition is approaching the realm of social media, and follow suit – only better.

Social media and content marketing is the ultimate power couple. Use it to your advantage and watch your business grow…

Image courtesy of fantasista / FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET