Top Content Marketing Trends for 2016

We can all agree that we’ve reached a time of the year when budgets are reviewed, strategies are updated, scrapped or rewritten, and we take a look at how the year has treated us in hopes that it will give us an idea of what to expect in 2016.

When it comes to content marketing, we can’t help but wonder about what the New Year holds in store. If we take into consideration the fact that this year has seen multiple changes, updates and amendments to the way in which we go about creating, distributing and amplifying our content, we can make the assumption that 2016 will require more effort, creativity and refined focus. While marketers saw an increase in the importance of mobile compatibility, and Google dictated the importance of quality content, this year saw a number of agencies and brands turn warmly towards the concept of content marketing and embrace it whole heartedly. What started off as a love-hate relationship, tainted with confusion and concern, has become an encouraging example for industry leaders. Although we’re making progress (some is better than none!), we’re only sitting with 30% of organisations that effectively make use of content marketing, according to the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report.

In an effort to convince marketers, across the board, to take advantage of content marketing, here are a few trends for 2016 that might sway the most conservative of marketing minds:

1. Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place

Although we might be sitting at 30%, for content marketing to truly take shape on a global scale, more organisations need to take it upon themselves to invest in the concept. Until that time, marketers are stuck between a rock and a hard place – organisations will often have a more traditional and conservative approach to their marketing. You also need to take into consideration that although you might be making use of content marketing as a whole, there might be a team member (or two) who is hampering the effective use of the concept.

2. Mobile is King

2015 saw an emphasis placed on mobile marketing, especially top-quality mobile content. With new platforms emerging on a monthly basis, it is becoming more and more important to ensure that your website content meets the standards of mobile requirements. 2016 is sure to see the growth of mobile, with more Google updates that are similar to that of ‘Mobilegeddon’.

3. Ad-Blocking is a Thing

“Informed customers” is their name and ad-blocking is their game. Gone are the days when consumers merely wanted to know about the type of products that you offered. Today, we see a need for information that will offer up solutions to problems that the consumer might face – if you happen to market beauty products, customers don’t want to know what’s inside the product but rather how they can cover up and treat severe acne. The hunger for useful information can only grow in 2016, leaving marketers with little wiggle room in terms of adopting and executing content marketing. If you want to win the game, it is what you need to do!

4. SEO is Still Valued

Although the movement towards content marketing is causing waves within the industry, organisations that are faithful to their traditional marketing methods will still pay a considerable amount of attention to SEO and the benefits thereof. And, if an organisation is willing to dip their toes into the proverbial sea of content marketing, the chances are high that they will try to split their available SEO budget. It is important to remember that in 2016 there will still be clientele who place weighted value on SEO and what it can do for their ROI.

2016, just like any new year, offers marketers a clean canvas on which to sketch an entirely new approach to content marketing. Whether you’re in favour of the challenges that lie ahead (because growth is great) or would rather do without the hassle, 2016 is only two months away and requires our absolute attention. If you need a helping hand, give us a call today – we’re sure to give you the assurance that you need. After all, two heads are always better than one!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET