In Retrospect: What 2015 was like for National Positons

We have managed to reach the end of another year which always puts us in a reflective mood here at National Positions. Questions we busy ourselves with during this time are: ‘what have we achieved?’, ‘what could have been done better?’, and ‘what are our predictions for the coming year?’. Our last blog post, SEO Forecasts for 2016, covers our predictions for next year but this still leaves two other questions that need to be answered.

Firstly, ‘what have we achieved?’ For one, we’re pleased to say that by delving ever deeper into the art of content marketing we discovered that SEO still has a vital role to play in creating effective strategies and now believe that the future of digital marketing lies in a symbiotic relationship between the two.  Furthermore, besides creating and implementing an impressive amount of content which included interactive infographics, eBooks and entire content pillars, we very successfully expanded on our video production capabilities and hosted a number of well-attended content marketing workshops. We also managed to rack up a number of technical achievements (the ins and outs of which only our technical department will ever truly understand) and throughout all this, we still managed to have a bit of fun (as our Facebook posts attest to).

What could we have done better? Well, we managed to explore new frontiers within the digital marketing space, refined and expanded our product offerings and services and did our best to pre-empt and minimize the damage caused by Google’s numerous algorithm updates so, all things considered, we did rather well. 

Don’t get us wrong, there were a significant amount of challenges we had to overcome but we ended up learning a lot in the process and promise to make the most of it. Most people in the industry will agree that it was a very tough year, but everyone here pushed hard and somehow we got through.  All in all: not bad for a year’s work.

We want to end off by wishing all of our clients a happy festive season and hope that they will use this time to get some much deserved rest (we know we will). To our fellow digital marketers we want to say the following: Let's build on the successes we experienced in 2015 and make 2016 a year of note. Let us use what we’ve learned to elevate this industry to new heights and ensure we get to a point where the South African industry is recognised globally as an online marketing trend-setter. 

Season’s Greetings to all from National Positions.