Why Authoritative Content Is Important

The cat is out of the bag, and has been for some time. Google has changed its algorithm and so the theatre performance that is the world of content marketing has felt the earth shift. With search engines making a move from traditional search engine optimisation (SEO) towards quality, authoritative content that is both reliable and influential, marketing professionals find themselves with a need to rethink their strategy.

Although it is still important to pay attention to the optimisation of meta data and the harvesting of relevant keywords, it cannot be denied that organic search results are best generated by authoritative content. The algorithm responsible for this shift in focus, Google Panda, ranks websites according to the type of content – that which is of a high quality and is authoritative in manner will be ranked higher than the site that contains content that is less reliable.

Google, however, is not the only search engine that has changed its tune. According to Search Engine Land, Bing has also changed its algorithm to focus on authoritative content. Based on three primary factors, Bing’s new ranking algorithm is designed to pick up on quality content that contains topical relevance and context.

It is because of these changes that authoritative content has become important, and the importance thereof continues to grow. However, this change does not come easy, especially for marketing specialists who have poured their energy into content that is chock-full of keywords. This shift in focus has forced marketing specialists to source or create content that is both interesting and relevant, encouraging a solidified understanding of target markets. Specialists are now also required to know what type of content can be used for various audiences, and subsequently need to reveal the organic search results thereof.

When it comes to authoritative content, social tie-ins carry a vast amount of weight and value, especially when the content catches the attention of influencers who can share the content. A quality product that can be liked or shared will also provide the ranking algorithm with information on whether or not the content is recognised, well-cited or considered an expert interpretation of the subject matter. The more social traction gained by the content, the more it resonates with the audience. Authoritative content facilitates in gaining trust while also driving the numbers for organic search results. Not only does this benefit the marketer, it also builds rapport between the consumer and the product.

As the focus on authoritative content grows, there is no need to place reliable content creation on the backburner. While search engines emphasise the importance of influential content, the best time to start boosting your virtual authority is now

Image courtesy of tiramisustudio/FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

Image courtesy of tiramisustudio/FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET