How to Boost Your Content Strategy from Good to Great

Content Marketing Strategy - three simple yet buzzy words that have, together, become an industry juggernaut. Agencies, with the aim to impress, have been forced to relook their long-standing practices in an effort to create content that not only produces results but also speaks volumes to their target audiences.

However, with these three buzzwords came an air of ambiguity and confusion – how exactly were agencies and strategists meant to come up with a plan on how to knock their respective brand’s existing content right out of the water? In haste, and the hopes of producing the desired results, the industry produced content marketing strategies en mass. Yet audiences, who were now swimming in a deep pool of content that was not created to serve specific needs, did not respond in the predicted manner. Although a tough lesson to learn, it was one that highlighted the need for exceptional content marketing strategies and their importance when it came to the success and longevity of their brands.

The secret to an exceptional content marketing strategy merely lies in a few simple steps, which ultimately originate from a handful of traditional business traits and tactics. The trick, however, lies in the ability to apply them to the end product – a unique, informative and influential content marketing strategy. Here are five steps that are sure to take your strategy from good to great:


With leadership comes a unique vision, and the only way in which to execute that vision is through a variety of people who can drive it forward. The same applies to your content marketing strategy – if you sell exceptional copy to a brand, you need to ensure that you have writers who are adequately equipped to provide that product. The difference between a good and great strategy, is that the latter requires flawless execution and precision. As a leader, you need to be able to convey and communicate various ideas and objectives with your staff, and in turn, listen to their needs and opinions. Both parties need to know exactly what is expected.

Understanding the ‘Who’ and then the ‘What’

An exceptional content strategy can be likened to a delicious five-star meal that not only mollifies but leaves you with an insatiable need to enjoy it again and again, and again. It is full-bodied, robust and satisfying. Comprised of multiple focus points, like a number of flavourful servings, the incomparable content strategy is one that reaps and maintains rewards for a number of years, only because the executors knew exactly who they were in conversation with. A great content marketing strategy is the mouthpiece for multiple items of content that are distributed on various platforms, and that converse with and not talk to numerous audiences. It is of utmost importance that you fully understand to whom it is that you’re aiming your strategy, and then identify which items of content speak best to that audience.

Discipline is Key

Great content strategies are the product of consistency and discipline. Not only do these traits speak volumes about your business practice, they are also two of the fundamental pillars on which a successful strategy rest. The best way to achieve this is to create a schedule that supports your strategy – whether you’ve got a handful of new ideas or directions in which you want to move, you still need to deliver informative content to your audience. This needs to be done in a timely manner.

Gather Your Assets

When it comes to setting your content strategy apart, you need to focus on a variety of amplification tools. Alerting your audiences to new posts will attract the desired attention and also encourage readers to like, share and repost the content, ultimately building on time of results that brands want to see. Ensure that you’ve gathered your necessary assets and turned your marketing toolbox into one that generates a balance of acceleration and amplification.


Like the snowball effect, this principle requires a variety of derivative assets that ultimately propel your strategy forward. The more that you offer, the more effective your content marketing strategy will be. Instead of just offering a single product, think up content assets that will work together to promote the overall message of the strategy. These can include content creation, social posting, curation and optimisation.

As with most things that reap ‘exceptional’ benefits, the seeds of focus and consistency need to be sewn and nurtured. Take your content marketing strategy from a bland and boring dish to a colourful and hearty meal that leaves the taste buds tingling. Follow these simple steps and get stuck in – you’re sure to come up with a strategy that is truly delicious. Bon appetite!