Make 2015 Your Most Content-Centric Year Yet

Regarded as one of the most important aspects of online marketing, authoritative content is now more valuable than ever. However, the methods in which content contributes to a brand’s turnover have evolved dramatically over a short period of time. This year, brands and agencies that aim for success will need to understand this evolution and morph their existing strategies into ones that account for these exciting and challenging modifications.

Agile and valuable, content marketing has become one of the most valuable service offerings for many digital agencies, and those who are devoted to getting it right are seeing wildly impressive returns. According to Kapost, 82 percent of B2C marketers and 95 percent of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing, while 78 percent of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of the marketing industry.

So, how exactly does an agency embrace the recent shifts within the content marketing sphere and make it work for them? The answer lies in four simple steps that will ensure that 2015 is the most successful content-centric year yet.

Get Visual

Although it may bring about a sense of controversy, agencies embrace the fact that most people spend their days glued to their cell phones. Not only does a cell phone serve as a means of communication, it is also a platform of access that leads consumers into a realm of visual content. Whether users prefer to watch videos, ogle over photographs or use infographics as a means of quick reference guides, agencies have the opportunity to run wonderfully compelling visual campaigns that are sure to succeed. If there is one simple change that you make to your content marketing strategy this year, it should be that you add a generous amount of visual material to your distribution schedules.

Encourage Creativity

2015 marks the year that sales copy is officially scrapped, and substituted by valuable, engaging and authoritative content. The last thing that any brand wants to be doing is imposing a sales pitch on their consumers. Not only will it be met by irritation, but also threatening competition by other brands who have embraced the changes that consumer driven content now dictates. Make 2015 the year in which you encourage creativity and curation; the year where your writers offer up a smorgasbord of interesting and engaging content. Strive to become a trusted and reliable source of information that focuses on quality and not quantity.

Like, Share and Retweet

Get. Social. It’s a simple rule that will not only leave you with staggering monthly results but one that will also elevate the brand’s rapport. Although Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular platforms, it is important that Google+, Slideshare, Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest and Instagram are also used to disseminate various types of content. Social platforms give brands and agencies the opportunity to engage with their fans and consumers – ensure that 2015 is the year that sees you doubling up on Social Media engagement.

Prepare for Quick Evolution

If the history of content marketing is anything to go by, we know that it is never stagnant. Instead of getting caught up in the current trends, be prepared to grow and change with them. Ensure that you use the current trends to capitalise on your content and grow your campaigns while also making sure that your strategies are agile enough to include any industry changes or shifts. 

Maximise your content marketing efforts in 2015 and reap the benefits of becoming a respected and reputable source of top-quality content.