What Beer and Content Have in Common

We’ve partnered up with Kapost (the official playground for content marketers) to provide you with invaluable content marketing advice with a fun and quirky twist. Now, it is through these unique twists that we are able to simplify the content marketing process and turn it into a fun and exciting challenge for both strategists and writers.

One such quirky twist is that of comparing the commonalities between beer and content. Although this topic may sound a little unorthodox, the process of brewing a cool and refreshing beer can be likened to the writing of unique and fresh content. Both require a fair amount of ingredients, a refined game plan, and space in which to mature and evolve.  Although a simple comparison, both beer brewing and content strategy require expertise and knowledge to produce something that is not only satisfying but moreish. The ultimate compliment for both the brewer and the writer would be to hear that their final product (be it a beer or a piece of content) hits the spot, every time.

To provide the consumer with a product that enhances their lives is the base upon which marketers (and beer brewers) build their ideas. It is from this understanding that we’ve highlighted the delivery of fresh and unique content (that is unanimous with a memorable experience) as the end goal of any content marketing campaign. How do we go about creating the type of content that evokes a ‘smile-on-your-face, lump-in-your-throat’ kind of reaction? We follow the age-old simple steps laid out by revolutionary beer brewers and content strategists alike.

Thirsty Consumers = Quenching Strategy

Before you begin creating your content, ensure that you make the effort to find out exactly what it is that your consumers want and need. Find out what it is that they’re thirsty for – blogs, audio, visual or social media – and use this as the bar to which you measure your content. Once you’ve established the needs of your consumer base, it is simple to create a quenching strategy that includes the creation of upbeat, relevant and interesting content.

Mix and Match Your Menu

A tasty lager, refreshing ale or a robust stout – liken your content styles to that of a craft beer menu that contains old favourites with a handful of new options that offer fresh bursts of flavour. Exciting flavours like that of a Pumpkin Ale, Chocolate and Orange Lager or Coffee Stout are sure to add some colour to a menu. Like unique flavours of beer, fresh types of content are sure to generate the type of attention and loyalty that your brand needs.

Tasty Ingredients = Satisfied Consumers

To ensure that you create moreish content, you’ve got to compile a number of tasty ingredients. These ingredients can be a mix of the following:

·         Internal and external resources,
·         Audience specific needs or requests,
·         Your content team, and
·         Real-world knowledge.

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, you can begin planning on how to create (or brew) your content. Whether you chose to incorporate writing, design and collaboration, you’ve got to sure that you’re creating something special. Head onto the distilling process and refine your content to ensure that the final product is a memorable one, pop it into a presentable format and distribute it across a number of digital channels and media platforms.

Like beer, the final content product can be shared with friends and enjoyed by those who like to kick back, relax and sip on something that quenches their thirst. Take a peek at Kapost’s infographic on brewing up delicious content – hop to it!