5 Reasons Why You Need to Amplify Your Content

5 Reasons Why You Need to Amplify Your Content

Ultimately, there are two main goals when it comes to content marketing – getting your content seen, and ensuring that it makes a strong, long lasting impact. The only way in which to achieve these goals is to amplify, magnify and enhance your content, taking it to new levels when it comes to reach and visibility. Here are just five reasons why content amplification, with the help of content discovery platforms, will change your content marketing strategy.   

It gets your content seen

When you make use of content amplification/discovery platforms, you are ensuring much greater visibility, as well as exposure to new audiences. For instance, Outbrain has the power to promote your best pieces on websites like News24, CNN.com, Time.com, and Skynews, to name but a few.  

It is cost effective

Surely this kind of exposure has to cost a pretty penny, right? Wrong! Content discovery platforms operate on a cost-per-click basis, making it easy for you to keep an eye on the amount that you are spending in relation to the results that you are receiving. Paying on a cost-per-click basis means that you only pay when someone actually opts to navigate to one of your suggested blog posts or articles. It is the ultimate cost-effective way in which to promote your content.  

It is effortless

Without content discovery platforms, imagine the amount of social media marketing that you would have to do in order to get your content seen? That kind of amplification, when done without the help of content amplification platforms like Outbrain, is time-consuming and promises only limited, often disappointing, results.

It enhances brand recognition

Obviously, with the help of content amplification platforms, you will be getting a lot more exposure to audiences both locally and from all over the globe. As a result of this, your brand is sure to become recognisable faster than you ever thought possible. Even if the people reading your content are not looking for your products or services at that specific moment, the chances are good that they will remember your brand in the future when the circumstances are different.

Gain credibility

Outbrain is a well-respected content amplification platform, known for promoting only the best and most interesting pieces of content from companies all over the world. If your brand is associated with Outbrain, it will instantly be counted as a credible source. Not only this, but your blogs and articles will also be promoted on some of the world’s most reputable websites – and this goes a long way towards improving your credibility score in the eyes of all of your potential clients or customers.

Content amplification, with the help of discovery platforms like Outbrain, is therefore a cost-effective, easy way in which to make the most of your content marketing efforts. Reach new audiences, build brand recognition, and gain credibility both quickly and effortlessly.

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