How to Make the Most of Your Content

Content marketing is the secret to expanding, uplifting and making a true success of your business. However, it is a lot more strategic than simply writing high quality content and posting it on your blog. Below, we break down the three things that you should be doing in order to make the most of your content.

The importance of content webs

Content marketing is a strategy that requires intelligent planning in the form of diverse and tactical content webs. What this means is that, ultimately, all of the content that you create should link up in some way. It is simply not enough to create standalone blogs or articles. Will they be read? Maybe. Will they accomplish much? Don’t count on it.

Before writing anything, you need to decide what the message is that you want to get across. Is your business releasing a new product or service offering into the market? Are you holding a workshop for the public? After establishing your goals you need to begin by creating an engaging and informative Central Content Pillar. A good example of a strong central pillar is an eBook or an informative Video. This will be the piece of content that the rest of the content, relating to the campaign, will link back to. It stands to reason that this pillar should be housed on your site. This central pillar can also include links to other pages on your site. These content webs form the basis of a sound content marketing strategy and will help you to make the most of your content.

Social media is key

These days, most companies have their own Facebook and / or Twitter pages. But are they really using these social media platforms to their advantage? While social media is a wonderful tool for conversing with your clients and getting their feedback, it is also an essential tool for content marketing. For every interesting piece of content that you produce, you should be using your social media profiles to promote it. Get your followers reading and talking about important, relevant topics, engage with them, and watch as your content makes an impact.

Content amplification platforms make your life easier

The whole point of writing blogs and articles is to get them seen, right? You want people who are interested in what you can offer them to be reading what you have to say – which is why content amplification platforms, like Outbrain are becoming so incredibly popular. These platforms promote your content on reputable websites on a cost per click basis, making it possible for you to reach audiences that you never even dreamed of. Your content could be featured on websites like CNN, Time, The Mail and Guardian, and more. By ensuring that your content is reaching people on the web, you are going a long way towards making the most of your content marketing efforts.

As you can see, the secret lies in increasing the visibility of your content, using the best tools at your disposal in order to promote it, and strategizing by remaining cognisant of your ultimate goal at all times. Remember that although there is plenty that you can do in order to maximise your content, if it is not up to par in terms of quality, relevance and readability, these efforts will all be in vain. Research is important, as is understanding the interests, wants and needs of your target audience. If you craft your content with these points kept in mind, your creations are sure to be fool-proof.

Now get out there. It’s time for your business to take the digital world by storm!