Zero to Hero: How to Get Your Team Motivated

When it comes to defeating the January ‘back-to-work’ blues, team leaders have their work cut out for them! Take it from us; we know all about what it means to rely on copious amounts of caffeine to get through the first few days (read weeks) of a new routine! However, while we spend our days looking at flight specials to tropical islands, we’re aware of the fact that we’ve got to fall back into ‘work-mode’ sooner or later.

While creatives are back at their desks within the first few days of the New Year, many organisations only come back online within the second (or third!) week of January. Pair these institutions with school children and families who are still enjoying their holidays, and you’ve got yourself caught in a midst of creatives who wish away their days, dreaming of no work and all play. How exactly do you get your team motivated, you may ask? Well, we know just the trick and we’re willing to share! Take a look at our tips on how to get your team from zero to hero, without sending them into overdrive.

Schedule a Meeting

As you welcome back your team for the New Year, it is important to schedule a meeting for no other reason than to do just that - officially welcome back your colleagues and team members. Not only does this ensure that you get off on the right foot, but it also signals the start of something new within your office. If nothing else, your team members will be grateful for the welcome!  

Meet Your Team Halfway

When it comes to motivating your team, it is important to meet them halfway. You cannot pretend that you’re knee-deep into the year and simply forget about the fact that your team members have just come back from a break that may have included a very different schedule to the one that is followed in the office. To ensure that you’re dialling up the motivation, meet your team halfway by understanding the mind-set in which they find themselves. With holidays, leave and the festive season not too far behind us, understand that changing gears and shifting into work mode may take some time. If we’re reaching the first week of February and production levels are still not up to par, you have reason to worry. Until then, meet your team halfway and you’ll soon notice a difference!

Reflect, Revaluate and Reset

Reflecting on the previous year, revaluating goals and targets and resetting expectations is one way in which to motivate your team. Take the time to call a meeting and run through the wins and losses of the previous year, revaluate your processes and procedures and establish new goals, both as a team and as individuals. Not only will this ensure that your team is on the same page but it will also ensure that you’ve included them in the process of creating a more efficient, beneficial and productive environment in which to work.  

Embrace New Routines

Early morning coffee on the office balcony, team lunches at one ‘o clock, sharp, or 15-minute creative breaks? Whatever new routines may appear in the New Year, it is of great importance that you embrace them! Not only do these routines allow your team a break from their desks but they are also important when it comes to forming bonds and relationships with other co-workers, departments and teams. We also want to add that the previously mentioned ’15-minute creative breaks’ have been tried and tested, and they work!

When it comes to getting your team from zero to hero, all you need is motivation! While we can only offer advice on how to propel your team towards productivity, we can certainly help you with your SEO – contact us today for more information.