Why Your Content Isn't Being Shared on Social Media

A lot of brands and businesses have hopped aboard the content marketing train and now spend a lot of time and money on creating content. This content is posted to their social channels in the hope that it’ll be shared and liked by their followers. Only, for many, this isn’t happening. Content barely gets shared and the only likes that are being gathered are from employees and close associates.

The question is, why? Why are followers ignoring these content efforts? Let’s take a look at the three main reasons:

Mixed Marketing Methods  

Many brands and businesses still do not fully grasp the concept of content marketing. A lot of content that finds its way onto their social channels tends to be a hybrid of content and traditional marketing methods. Instead of offering their social communities information-rich content on topical, industry-relevant issues, they are offering up thinly disguised sales pitches. What they seem to forget is that even if people are prepared to listen to what you have to sell, this is not the kind of content that they want to share (unless there is talk of an Apple product, of course). People want to be perceived as ‘information sharers’ in their respective communities and not as belonging to the sales staff of a brand or business.

Posting When Nobody’s Home

With free tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics, it is baffling as to why some brands and businesses are still posting randomly or according to some general statistic about optimal posting times. Each page is unique and so is each platform. Make use of these tools to identify your optimal posting times, because if you are posting/tweeting when nobody’s home, your content, no matter how good, will be drowned out by the content of your follower’s followers.  

Using Your Content to Celebrate Yourself            

Many brands and businesses are also using their content to celebrate themselves or their products or services. According to social media specialist, Simon Mainwaring, the shift that needs to happen is for ‘companies to market themselves not as the celebrity of their customer community but rather as a celebrant’. In other words, brands and businesses need to stop celebrating themselves and start celebrating the individuals within their customer communities and their customer communities as a whole.  

But how do you do this without posting a lot of random pictures and videos that bare no relation to your product or service offering? The key is to identify the emotional chord that connects your product or service offering to your customers. If, for instance, you are a company that manufactures laundry detergent, why not ask moms to post pictures of their children after they’ve been roughing it in the backyard and are at their dirtiest? Or if you are a car insurance provider, why not ask people to send in videos where they talk about their first car? (As an incentive, offer up product samples or service vouchers.) Collect all of these videos or pictures and create a piece of content out of it, like a video or a photo montage with an inspiring message.  Even if you only get 10 videos or pictures, you’ll have enough material with which to create something.

The 10 people who were part of the project will, in all likelihood, share it (people are more likely to share content in which they feature).  A significant portion of their followers will probably do the same. If the piece of content is done well, other community members are sure to be impressed enough to join in the next time around.

Also, if the people who were a part of the project share the footage or pictures that they took to their own social pages, be sure to like and share this content too. This will leave your customer community with the impression that you are a brand or company that not only cares about making sales, but that genuinely cares about them. This will buy you a lot of goodwill, which will go a long way when it comes to getting your other content efforts shared.

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