Three Reasons Your Content isn't Getting Results

It is an unfortunate reality that many companies throw themselves into content marketing without doing the necessary research in order to really make a success of it. More often than not, when the work doesn’t deliver the results that the marketers were expecting, they simply throw in the towel, deem content marketing ‘a waste of time’, and move on to more ‘traditional’, ‘tried and tested’ marketing methods. Or, even worse, they carry on spending money on their content marketing campaigns only to continue making the same mistakes and, obviously, to continue to miss the mark. Below, we discuss three reasons as to why your content isn’t getting the results that it (and your business!) deserves.

You Have Neglected to Draw Up a Solid Strategy

A common misconception is that content marketing is simple – anyone can do it. You write content and then you distribute it. Pretty straightforward, right? Unfortunately not. Content marketing is strategic. It is complicated. It is an art. It is a science. And, if done correctly, it is the thing that will completely transform your business, your client base and your reputation for the better. Knowing all of this, it becomes clear that a content marketing campaign without a solid strategy is a campaign that is doomed to fail before it has even begun. Your strategy needs to include, amongst many other things, a detailed competitor analysis, research on the best possible (and most appropriate) platforms on which to share and distribute your work, ideas for the type(s) of content that you plan to create, a plan on how every piece will come together so as to communicate a specific message or call to action, and a list of the ways in which you plan to monitor, analyse and track the campaign’s success.

Your Budget is Too Limited

While it is indeed possible to make a success of your content organically (i.e. without spending a cent), this requires an immense amount of time, effort and know-how. Unless you have a few professionals that are dedicated to the cause, and working day and night to achieve the levels of success that you are looking for, increasing your budget slightly could be the key to obtaining enhanced visibility, engagement and reach. Over the years, countless brands have altered their marketing budgets to accommodate content marketing, and after seeing what this type of marketing can achieve if executed correctly, most have realised that, in many ways, it is the only form of marketing that they need!

Your Content Just Isn’t Up to Scratch

You have probably heard it time and time again, but it cannot be emphasised enough – content that does well is content that is interesting, relevant and useful. If you are producing content that focuses solely on your products, company culture and brand, your campaign is sure to fail regardless of how much time or money you put into it. Before producing any content, you need to ensure that you will be writing according to the interests, needs and problems experienced by your specific target market, that you have a world-class team of content writers who are capable of producing exceptional pieces, and that your content will be produced in such a way that it is easy to read, engaging and useful in some way. Finally, you also need to be creating new types of content, too. While blogs are an essential part of content marketing, alternative and innovative content creation is what will set you apart.

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