How to Build a Content Factory

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a content factory to build a brand. As we all know, you need to produce a significant amount of high quality content on a regular basis if you want to build an audience for a brand (meaning that a small team of freelancers isn’t going to cut it). Either hire a Content Marketing company to take care of your content needs or get to work and build your own content factory.  

Before we get into how to achieve this, let us first take a look at the type of content that you should be producing.

The Content that You Need   

Written content, in the form of blogs, still has its purpose; however, your main focus should be on creating visual content, most notably videos. Don’t worry too much about overall production quality - as long as the information is useful, and the audio is of good quality, you’ll be creating a product that people will want to engage with.

Apps and user experience type content is also extremely popular but, let’s face it, these things require plenty of experts and a big budget, meaning that they might not be viable options when you’re only getting started.

Infographics and eBooks are also things which you should look into, and it is recommended that you make them interactive by inserting videos, slideshows or pop-up elements.  They might look like they require a lot of technical know-how, but it is something that can easily be achieved with basic coding knowledge.

Content Curation is another big thing, especially on social media, and could lead to increased interaction and more followers.   

Now that we’ve established the type of content that you need to produce, we can discuss the factory workforce that you’ll need: 

Your Factory Workforce


Someone needs to work out the overall content game plan, and that is why you need a strategist. Without a clear strategy which details the message that you want to communicate, how best to communicate it, how all of your efforts tie together, who’ll be doing what, how and by when, the platforms to which you’ll be distributing, success monitoring procedures, as well as your measures of success, the chances are good that your efforts won’t amount to much.    

Content Writers

You’ll need a couple of good, solid writers who have the ability to communicate your brand’s identity through the written word. It is recommended that they also be efficient at creating written content in various formats like blogs, social posts, scripts etc.


A designer with the ability to create eye-catching layouts for your eBooks, infographics, blogs and social images is an absolute must. The reason is that the visual element of a content deliverable is what catches our attention initially and what entices us to interact with the deliverable.

Technical Expert

Someone with a basic understanding of coding who will be able to add a technical ‘wow’ factor to your content is also of vital importance. Even the smallest tech gimmicks, like pop up videos or slideshows, make a huge difference. Also, by making your content interactive, you are, in essence, giving people more control over the way in which they want to interact with it. This element of control will keep people engaged for longer.

A Cameraman

If you are going to create videos, someone needs to shoot them, and this is where a cameraman comes in handy. Make sure that he is mobile so that he can shoot any events or happenings that relate to your industry, even those that pop up suddenly and unexpectedly. The cameraman’s job shouldn’t only entail shooting the scripts that your writers produce - he or she should also go out and find content.


After the footage has been shot, it needs to be edited as quickly as possible and sent out before your competitors beat you to the punch. A fast and efficient editor is your best chance at becoming known as a source of fresh content. If an industry related event happens, and you’re able to get the footage out before anyone else, people will, over time, start to rely on you for their industry-related information fix.  

Community Manager

It stands to reason that you need a community manager to give your social pages the love and attention that they deserve. Make sure that your community manager is also apt at finding great content that your followers will enjoy. By sharing other brands’ industry leading content, you will not only keep your followers up to date regarding the latest developments, but you’ll also buy yourself a lot of goodwill from those brands, which could lead to them sharing your content too.

Yes, it takes a significant amount of experts to make this effort worthwhile, but when you think about what you stand to gain, it is definitely worth it. So start building those factories. 

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