Content Marketing


National Positions assists clients in the development of a professional content operation that allows the organisation to deliver successful content marketing campaigns across both digital and off-line platforms.

In partnership with the Kapost content marketing platform, a global leader, we equip your team with a platform, partners and services to create content your customers will love – driving leads, opportunities and revenue.

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National Positions also develops website content and marketing opportunities for a wide range of brands in southern Africa. From technical content to exciting, engaging articles National Positions generates content from it's own internal writing teams and our network of specialist writers globally.

Performance Media


National Positions provides a range of performance media services to leading brands with a focused aim to maximise audience engagement and drive sales. We develop and manage optimised campaigns across the following platforms:

  • Outbrain Amplify
  • Google AdWords and Display Network
  • Facebook for Business
  • Twitter for Business
  • YouTube




Technical SEO


Search Engine Optimisation remains a key driver of qualified website traffic and sales. National Positions has a ten year track record of website optimisation to maximise clients products and services visibility across the Google ecosystem and beyond. Content and technical alignment on websites is fundamental and increasingly complex with tablets, smartphones, apps and social media all requiring careful attention to detail.

National Positions SEO solutions provide visibility into potential technical issues, device issues, content challenges and hosting roadblocks to successful visibility in Search Engines.

Our SEO Content solution aims to ensure all on-site marketing material is aligned and optimised; we call it Search Aware Content Marketing and this forms the bedrock of our successful delivery of organic audiences.