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Google Fresh Content Update

Does Google prefer fresh content? The question was always hotly debated amongst SEO companies because Google always held its cards close to its chest.

Google tends to revamp their search engine algorithm often but recently it started to announce the updates as they happen. Earlier this year there was the Panda update which Google stated would have a 12% impact on search results. Last week Google announced it latest update with a huge emphasis of freshness of content which Amit Singhal, Google’s head of Search Quality, blog “Google’s new Freshness Update affects 35% of queries. It prioritizes recent and timely results will have a 35% impact on searches.” That is much higher than the 12% impact of the Panda update.

How does this affect your company’s website ranking? Search Engine Optimisation specialists are not sure how Google would decide how fresh your web page is but the one sure thing that is coming across is that new relevant content is important to Google. Blogs, social media and real time search results are coming up much higher up the ranking than ever before.

Not everyone has time to write new online content as they need to focus on their business at hand. That is where National Positions South Africa comes in. By being a global SEO company with resources that stretch across the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, India, Australia and South Africa, we can partner with you to look after your online marketing needs and provide fresh new content.

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