SEO Tips on Keyword Selection for SEO

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An Internet user looking for a product will most often do this by typing in a search word or phrase into a search engine. If your keyword corresponds with this word, and if your search engine ranking is high, chances are that this user will visit your site. The trick is to choose the right keywords as this not only has a direct bearing on channelling the right visitors to your site, but the right keywords will also boost your rankings. Let us tell you how:

You start off by identifying the search terms most commonly used by people looking for your type of product or service. These search terms can be “short-tail keywords,” consisting of a single word, or “long-tail keywords” of two to four words. You should include a combination of these when you select your keywords.

It is very important that there is a close correlation between the content on your webpage and your keywords. If there is not a close relationship between content and keywords the search will clearly not lead back to your website. You need to trawl your website’s content to find the words which best describe what your company does. If you find that there is not a close correlation between content and website, you need to make adjustments. Ensure that the keywords are used in titles and throughout the wealth of information on your website.

There are some great SEO tools to make the keyword selection process easier. You can find many of them on the Internet. These include Overture Keyword Selector, Keyword Discovery Google AdWords, Wordtracker and Google Correlate.

It is important to get these keywords in the right order and to take note of word variants. You need to cast your net as wide as possible and to do that you must use your keywords in a variety of ways and in different combinations to try and cover any search for these keywords. You may be in the dog trade so your keywords and keyword combinations should include “dog for sale,” “dogs to sell,” “selling dogs” and “buy my dog.” These simple variations can make a huge difference in your SEO efforts.

Another SEO Tip for checking potential keyword targets in Google is to use Google’s Instant Search – the drop down suggested list that Google provides as you start to type in your search term. Also look at the bottom of the results page for futher suggestions on related terms considered important by Google.

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